UGC Creator Job Board

We help brand-new creators find jobs & brand collabs, and provide ongoing support until they land their first job opportunity.

UGC Creators Wanted!

We serve as an intermediary for creator jobs, working with brands & agencies. Here are the types of UGC Jobs we typically look for:

DTC / E-commerce Products

Unboxing, Comparison, How-to for ads.

Reviews On Platforms

Google Reviews, App Store, Trustpilot

Adult UGC

Onlyfans, Fansly, Patreon

Web 3.0 (Tweets & Youtube)

Walk through videos & endorsements

SEO Blog Posts (E-commerce / SaaS)

Rank for brand terms & review keywords.

Media Invites (Photos / video UGC)

Produce UGC for events

Our Community Creators
Come First

With no barriers to entry in becoming a creator, our supply significantly surpasses demand. Our private community thrives on sharing job opportunities, advice & networking.

Our community is our top priority; thus, we introduce job opportunities internally within our community before making them public.